Thursday, April 4, 2013

I took a trip back to my hometown in Illinois for Easter and hit a bit of thrift store gold.  I found all sorts of goodies for the shop.  Like......

Some awesome paint by number paintings, one winter, one spring.  Two cute needlework flower pictures.  One is crewel work, the other is more like a canvas type work.  I also scored this German Pisces wall hanging.  

Here's a little closer look.  The stoneware cup and jar are so sweet.  I think I'm going to hold onto the wooden fruit, it's kind of a new obsession.  

Then there are these pillowcases.  I found a matching pair of the Joan Walsh Anglund cases which just make me happy to look at.  I've been collecting the mod flower pillowcases for years now and never get tired of them.  I have plans to make a quilt out of some, but it's hard to think about cutting them up.

I love just finding one of these suitcases, so I was even happier when I found two at the same place.  They are in excellent condition, I even carried one filed with goodies home on the train.  

These two and other items will be coming into the shop this week.  I've been slow at updating the shop due to this being spring break, next week it will be back to normal, so keep checking back!

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