Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little Sample

I finished my first embroidered sample last night.
I used the extra linen fabric from a set of curtains from Ikea.  Because this was my first sampler, I used a pattern from this Japanese embroidery book:

The patterns in the book are really cute and easy to follow.  I changed it up a bit by using other embroidery stitches I wanted to learn.  I bought the book at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights, Illinois a few years ago.
I would love to find one of these vintage Aries Horoscope crewel kits, but they are so pricey!  I think I will try to make a pattern of my own.

And I absolutely LOVE the vintage inspired Crewel Kits over at Betty Crafter, such an awesome idea.
I love needlepoint because you can multi-task with it and not worry about messing up like with knitting or other crafts.  Plus there are tons of vintage books about needlepoint and crewel, I find them all the time thrifting, which are great for inspiration.

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